SHOROC State of the Region Report

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Working together for a stronger region

SHOROC – Stronger Region. Stronger Councils.

SHOROC is a partnership of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater & Warringah councils led by a Board of the council Mayors and General Managers.

Collectively we represent a population of almost 280,000 residents who contribute over $20 billion annually to the NSW economy.

Our focus is to:

  • Make our region stronger by securing funding for construction of public transport, roads and hospitals, and delivering projects to improve business, communities and the environment.
  • Make our councils stronger by helping improve their financial sustainability and services for the community, through regional purchasing, projects and by exploring and delivering shared services on a regional scale.

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Regional indicators and reporting on the ‘health of the region’

Indicators or KPIs are a vital element of any planning process, particularly for priority setting, to enable regular reporting, and for benchmarking, monitoring and review of local and regional issues.

SHOROC’s priorities are outlined in our regional strategy Shaping Our Future. To ensure we are reaching our objectives and staying on track, we have developed a robust reporting method to measure our progress.

A set of ‘Health of the Region’ indicators has been agreed for use by the councils and SHOROC that brings together key indicators on each of the overarching domains for the region. The data set is sourced from a mix of council data and freely available data sets and comprises 32 core indicators across the five ‘domains’:

This integrated suite of indicators is used to develop bi-annual ‘Health of the Region’ reports every two years to align with the mid-term of council and the end of the elected term of office.

This website is the first ‘Health of the Region’ report for the Northern Beaches and Mosman.

Enjoy browsing the indicators and learning about the Health of the SHOROC region.

Note: The data set is sourced from a mix of council data and freely available resources and comprises 32 core indicators across the five ‘domains’. This website contains baseline regional indicator data and trends (where available) and was last reviewed and updated in July 2013.