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Key Indicator

SHOROC Regional provision of age care places per 1,000 older residents (defined as aged 75 and over for non-indigenous people and over 50 for Indigenous Australians) compared to Commonwealth Health Reform National Target.

Target (SHOROC Region)

At a minimum, the SHOROC Region should aim to meet the Commonwealth Health Reform National Target of 113 aged care places per 1000 older residents.

What is the current trend?

on-track Indicator is on-track

The SHOROC Regional ratio as at June 2011 was 171 aged care places per 1000 older residents. That is a provision of 66% more age care places than the National Target.

Age Care Places per 1000 older residents (as at June 2011)
SHOROC Region Commonwealth Health Reform National Target by June 2011 Percentage Difference 
171 113 SHOROC Region has 66% more aged care places than the National Average

Why use this indicator and what does this mean for the overall Health and Wellbeing of the SHOROC Region?

SHOROC is using this indicator as one of a suite of indicators to determine what the state of play is in respect to access to health services, when measuring the overall health and wellbeing of the SHOROC Region.

Note:  As at 1 July 2013, more recent Aged Care Data had not yet been released by the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing.  Measuring of this key indicator commenced in 2011. The above “base data” will be utilised to measure future increases or decreases in aged care place provisions for the SHOROC Region, in comparison to the National Target.

Updated July 2013