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Key Indicator

Annual beach suitability grade for each beach in the SHOROC region.

Target (SHOROC Region)

Ongoing improvement.

What is the current situation/trend?

off-track Indicator is off-track

The health of SHOROC’s beaches have been graded in the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) State of the Beaches Report

The SHOROC Regions Beaches and Estuarine Areas on average had a ‘Good’ beach suitability grade as outlined in the following tables.

Summary of the Health of the SHOROC Regions 21 Ocean Beaches and 20 Estuarine Areas (State of the Beaches Report 2011-12)
Beach Suitability Grade 21 Ocean Beaches 23 Estuarine Areas
  2011-12 2009-10 2011-12 2009-10
Very Good 9 5 3 4
Good 11 15 16 14
Fair 0 0 2 1
Poor 1 0 1 1
Very Poor 0 0 1 0

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Why use this indicator and what does this mean for the overall Health and Wellbeing of the SHOROC Region?

The water quality of beaches and other swimming locations is monitored to provide the community with accurate information on the cleanliness of the water and to enable individuals to make informed decisions about where and when to swim. Routine assessment also measures the impact of pollution sources, enables the effectiveness of stormwater and wastewater management practices to be assessed, and highlights areas where further work is required.

Updated July 2013