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Changing Transport Habits for Northern Beaches and Mosman Residents

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SHOROC’s new State of the Region website shows the region covered by Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater councils is changing its transport habits with an increase in the proportion of trips made by public transport or walking over the past five years.

Just some of the statistics on the website show:

  • In 2011, 26% of journeys were made by public transport or walking, up from 25% in 2006, while 68% of journeys were made in 2011 using private vehicles, down from 71% in 2006
  • 315,000 trips were made in 2011 by public transport or walking, up from 287,000 in 2006
  • The total number of trips in private vehicles also increased to 824,000 in 2011 from 818,000 in 2006
  • Average commuting time has reduced to 29 minutes down from 31 minutes in 2006
  • Less commuter journeys were taken in 2011 (160,000) compared to 2006 (165,000), while more journeys were for social or recreation purposes, up to 292,000 compared to 266,000 in 2006

“It’s positive to see more people using public transport or walking compared to private car use,” said SHOROC President and Mayor of Warringah, Michael Regan.

“It also identifies there is an untapped potential and it is vital we make public transport use an even more attractive alternative to car travel through SHOROC’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit system if we are to see a real shift from cars to public transport. “

The four SHOROC partner councils are working together for better transport outcomes for the region as part of the Shaping Our Future strategy. The Mayors are calling on the NSW and Commonwealth governments to invest in a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) public transport system from Mona Vale to the CBD and from Dee Why to Chatswood and targeted road upgrades for Warringah Road, the Wakehurst Parkway, Mona Vale Road and construction of the Northern Beaches Link.

Encouragingly the NSW Government is working to finalise a “comprehensive plan for the immediate, short-term and longer-term public transport and road improvements for the region” in conjunction with SHOROC by the end of 2013 and there is significant progress on planning for many of the transport priorities.

Full details on progress of the BRT and targeted road upgrade projects is detailed on the SHOROC website.

“The State of the Region website provides detailed information which gives us a better idea about the big picture and where we can work together to improve as a region such as the use of public and active transport to reduce traffic congestion,” Mayor Regan said.