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Artists impression of Northern Beaches Hospital

Key Indicator

The number of hospital beds in the SHOROC Region per 1000 residents compared to the national average.

Target (SHOROC Region)

SHOROC Region should aim to provide, at a minimum the same as the national average for hospital bed provision:  2.7 public and 0.9 private beds per 1,000 residents.

What is the current situation / trend?

off-track Indicator is off-track

The following two tables provide a summary of the current bed provisions for public and private hospitals servicing the SHOROC region.

The tables identify a current shortfall of 326 hospital beds (101 private and 225 public beds combined) for its 2011 population of 280,000 residents, when compared to the national average:

SHOROC Hospital Bed Provision 2011  – Comparison with National Average
SHOROC Region (population of 280,000)                National Average SHOROC Regional Shortfall
1.90 public beds per 1,000= 531 beds 2.7 public beds per 1,000= 756 beds 0.80 extra public beds required per 1,000= 225 beds
0.54 private beds per 1,000= 151 beds 0.9 private beds per 1,000= 252 beds 0.36 extra private beds required per 1,000= 101 beds
Total beds currently provided (private and public combined) to service the SHOROC Region: 682 beds=2.44 beds per 1,000 Number of beds (private and public combined) required to meet the national average: 1008 beds=3.6 beds per 1,000 1.16 extra (private and public beds combined) per 1,000 required=326 extra (private and public beds combined) required

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SHOROC Public Hospital Beds (2011)
Hospital Name: Number of Beds:
Manly Hospital 174
Mona Vale Hospital 146
Royal North Shore.Estimated 1/3 of beds used by the SHOROC Catchment (i.e. 211 = 1/3 of 634) 211
Total 531


SHOROC Private Hospital Beds (2011)
Hospital Name: Number of Beds:
Delmar Private (Dee Why) 52
Manly Water Private 50
Mosman Private 49
Total*There are also several facilities in the region for rehabilitation, day surgery and specific uses (such as the sleep laboratory at Frenchs Forest) that have not been included in the private hospital bed count. 151 


Why use this indicator and what does this mean for the overall health and wellbeing of the SHOROC region?

SHOROC uses this indicator as one of a suite of indicators under the ‘health and wellbeing’ domain to determine what the current situation is in respect to access to health services in the SHOROC region, in comparison to the National Average.

Note: Measuring of key indicators commenced in 2011. The above ‘baseline data’ will be used to measure future increases or decreases in hospital bed provisions over time.

Updated July 2013