SHOROC State of the Region Report

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Key Indicator

Rating of the value placed by residents on the natural environment.

Target (SHOROC Region)

Develop an understanding of the value SHOROC residents place on the natural environment and monitor whether this changes over time.

What is the current situation/trend?

not available Indicator is not yet available

This indicator will be determined via survey questions that are currently under construction and will be incorporated into all SHOROC councils’ (Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater) community surveys by June 2014.

Why use this indicator and what does this mean for the overall Health and Wellbeing of the SHOROC Region?

SHOROC is using this indicator as one of a suite of indicators to determine what the state of play is in respect to the valued placed on the Natural Environment, when measuring the overall health and wellbeing of the SHOROC Region.

Updated July 2013